Coaching Umeå & Online

Find back to your true self

Som jag sa på förstasidan så utgår jag från att alla är hela. Du som söker dig till mig får därför vara förberedd på att jag kommer göra allt i min makt för att få dig att inse, känna, förstå och uppleva att du är hel. Mig och mitt företag hittar du i närheten av Umeå, men jag erbjuder även sessioner på distans via telefon eller videosamtal. Jag arbetar på ett sätt där jag startar en process både mentalt och känslomässigt hos dig, där målet är att du finner dig själv. Ditt äkta och autentiska jag. Ditt ”jag” före livet kom med motgångar som fått dig tappa tron på dig själv.


I will work hard to change your perceptions that suck energy out of you, a change to new interpretations that free you from all the emotional burden you have carried. During the coaching time, the focus on you will be a priority, here you are in the center. Both during and between sessions. You get practical tools from me that will keep your personal transformation going even between sessions. The tools are there to help you find clarity both mentally and spiritually.

I will use questions and exercises that will help us challenge your thought patterns and beliefs about yourself and your problems that you experience. When you feel filtered, we will start setting up a direction that can drive you to stay on track. 

Coaching near Umeå

You will find me in Skellefteå a short distance outside Umeå. If you do not have the opportunity to come to me, then of course it goes just as well with an online session via video call or phone. The most important thing is that you are in a place where you feel safe and that you have the will to change.  

I also want to share that I work most by recognizing what you say, more than I hear. My work is very much based on my intuition and on what my heart tells me. I focus on the mental part to make the trip as sustainable as possible. If I feel that there is an aspect of your life where you do not take responsibility, I will tell you about it. 

You can come to me or we can arrange a meeting by video call or phone.

Coaching Umeå

A session of 1 hour costs 595 kr ink. moms.

A session of 1,5 hour costs 795 kr ink. moms.

There are also price-reduced packages / programs with several sessions that are focused on larger investments in your mind. Contact me for more information about it.

Free consultation

For you who want a chance to know / feel if I am the right person and if I have the potential to help you, I also offer a free phone call for 15 minutes.

I offer this to create security with you before you buy a service from me. The first session is 1.5 hours for the same price as for one hour. This is so that we can have the time we need to get to know each other before we start diving into the work.

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